12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Story of our current logo

29. 05. 2016

Rock for People logo consist of three buddies. Each of them has different head. We used to have buddy with sun instead of head because weather is one of the most important aspects for open air festival. This year there is a buddy with tent-head because everybody needs a rest during great party. Another one has guitar instead of his head. Well there is no explanation needed. And the third one has a fork-head. Because if you get hungry during the festival you need to get some great food. So those are the most important parts of this year.

Accomodation not just in a tent

This year you can choose if you would like to sleep in regular camp, camp hotel, which is not so suprised. But you can also sleep in recycle paper tent or cosy Chill Village. We would like to offer each of you what you like. So where you will sleep this year?

It’s all about Music

Do we need to explain anything? We are music festival so music dramaturgy is the most important part of every year. But there is still some space for improving. There will be interesting bands for each of you. Do you like hard core? Rock? Or better Indie? No problem. Let’s have party!


Let’s be honest: how often do you think about food? Food is getting more and more important. Everyone could be food bloger and Instagram is full of mouth watering pictures. We decided to focus on this part little bit more than in last years. Which is one of the reasons why we will do Street Food Rocks food festival for you. In Brno, Prague and Hradec Kralove. And then all this amazing food will be on Rock for People. So let’s meet near the burger stand!

Street Food Rocks