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We bring for you an original music project Social Repose

14. 08. 2017

Social Repose is an original music project founded in 2011 by controversial artist Richie Gies. This versatile guy, who is also a vlogger, loves unusual costumes in addition to music. The favorite elements of his outfit include the Indian headband with giant bird feathers. You will certainly not miss him. Critics praise, among other things, his video clips with surrealistic elements that are quite different from those we usually get used to on television. By genre, we can classify Social Repose’s music into Electronic Dance Pop. In 2015, the Social Repose released album Yalta, which featured one of the most famous singles Island of Yours. In this video Richie shakes his head in a live broadcast. His music is popular on various social media platforms around the world, perhaps because the visual appearance of his videos has been almost perfect.

Social Repose will play first on November 15 in Brno at Eleven Club. The next day, on Thursday, November 16, he will play in Café V Lese.

Support will be the distinctive goth punk duo One Eyed Doll from Texas.