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RFP v novém „kabátě“

01. 03. 2019
We are celebrating our 25th birthday with a brand new visual identity, that will be part of Rock for People for upcoming years. This year will be legendary and our new visual is just a small teaser.
The new visual is made by Amden’s creative agency. “Our concept is about seeing a fan with his hidden emotions that Rock for People evokes in him. Someone who comes to enjoy the festival atmosphere and everything about it. He is relaxed and daring. He wakes his animal side. Therefore the series of animal heads with human accessories like sunglasses, headbands or helmets together with the motto “awaken it in yourself” are creating a new idea and a graphic axis of an RfP campaign,” explains Veronika Svobodová head of Amden’s creative team.
How do you like it?