12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Rock for People 2023 will be #CASHLESS!

12. 05. 2023
Rock for People 2023 will be completely #CASHLESS again! After last year’s experience, we are working with NFCtron again. We will explain the whole process of topping up and returning unused funds and if there are any problems, we and the NFCtron team will be there for you and your questions. From the comfort of your own home, you top up your account using your ticket number for free and when you arrive at the festival you will be given a wristband with a cashless chip already topped up with funds and ready for any mischief!
All payments at the festival will be cashless, including small ones (shower tokens, locker, phone charging, etc). After each payment, the vendor will turn the vending device on you and show you a summary of your order and the balance on your cashless wristband. If you plan to use the taxi service for transportation to/from the city, have cash ready as well. Cash will otherwise not be needed at the festival.
Top up your cash in advance absolutely FREE NOW, follow the procedure in the link below – topping up online is free and avoids queues!
In case you top up on the spot, the first top up costs 50 CZK, all subsequent recharges are completely free. We recommend you to top up online from home (online top up will be available ONLY until 7 June, 14:00, after that you can only top up on site!).
If you don’t spend everything, you won’t lose the rest of your money of course. You can request a free refund of your balance up to 14 days (until June 24, 2023) after the event ends. Once your request is confirmed, the funds are processed immediately and will usually appear in your account within 3 business days. Info here: https://support.nfctron.com/cs/clanek/jak-si-vratit-zbyvajici-kredit
We recommend downloading the NFCtron mobile app to give you even more control over your payments. It’s also the easiest way to return unspent funds after the event. The app is free and no registration is required: https://nfctron.page.link/app
TOP UP HERE: https://bit.ly/rfp2023_cashless
In case of any complications during the recharge process, support is available by email: [email protected].