12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Rock for People up close through the eyes of Czech Television

14. 06. 2023

This year, viewers of the festival had the opportunity to see the action on TV screens. The latter provided a summary of the events of each day in the main broadcast time after the Events in the programme “Rock for People up close”. The show was hosted by Tereza Ramba, winner of several Czech Lions, and captured all the memorable moments throughout the four days.

The “Rock for People Up Close” programme provided behind-the-scenes glimpses into the backstage of Billy Tallent, peeked into the kitchens of the festival booths and explored the diversity of the accompanying programme. There were also interviews with artists, festival visitors and other interesting people who enjoyed the festival world. Tereza Ramba immersed herself in the environment and tirelessly searched for the most interesting moments of the festival, so that the viewers at the screens could enjoy the atmosphere with all their senses as much as the presenter herself and the 37,000 visitors.

We have recapped each day of the festival not only thanks to the crew of the general media partner Czech Television, but also thanks to the festival’s general partner Komerční banka and Toyota, our clean mobility partner.