12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

With nextbike to Rock for People for free

19. 05. 2023

Rock for People is a fan of shared and low-emission transport. Pedal for the planet and your health and travel to the festival (eco)logically and for free. Also this year, our clean mobility partner nextbike has become our bike share partner. 250 of them are currently available in Hradec Králové!

Do you want to try out the bikes? Just download the nextbike app to your mobile phone. By travelling on shared bikes you will help us reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. In 2022, 2,996 km were covered on nextbike bikes during the festival, which means that cycling (instead of using public transport) saved a beautiful 100 kg of CO2!p

How to rent a bike? Detailed instructions can be found here. All arrivals and departures to and from the RfP stations will be free within 45 minutes (this is a ceiling to keep the bikes from getting completely bogged down). So you can do it comfortably from the centre of Hradec!
P.S. Be careful. On a bike you become a road user/participant. And alcohol does not belong on the road!