12-14/06/25 Hradec Králové
Park 360

This is Rock for People 2023!

08. 11. 2022

You can rage, scream, and jump! Bring it out in you at Rock for People 2023!

Once again, we have joined forces with the creative and marketing agency AMDEN and are introducing three new animals from the Czech forests – a wild boar, a fox, and a hare. And why these three?

A guy who loves music and style. RfP is his heart’s desire and the best holiday he gets energy from all year round. Outside of the moshpit, he’s a gentleman and a good guy to the bone.

A female element, representative of the softer genres. As dusk falls, he brings out his best outfits, wags his tail seductively to the rhythm, and peeks hungrily at the rabbits. She usually moves in groups, quietly snapping away, but when she needs to, she can rock!

A funky dude who’s up for any fun. He may be a vegetarian and loves salad and music in general. He jumps between genres and holds the record for crossing between stags. He does, however, lose a shoe in the moshpit on occasion. He’s a tattooed dude who’s no stranger to piercings.