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Park 360

Accomodation at RfP 2020

20. 01. 2020

Whether you have a small, big or no tent at all, read about our accommodation options at RfP. You can get any of the below-listed options on our website from 24.1. 10:00am, in the sections VSTUPENKY

3 days camp (700 CZK + 50 CZK refundable deposit for a garbage bag, the price per person) a solution for visitors with their tents. Includes: Toi Toi toilets, ceramic toilets, large capacity showers, private showers for 10 CZK per chip, non-stop reception with refreshments, energy points with plugs, storage and safe deposit boxes (with or without electric outlets), relax zone in shades.

Special types of camps: (Park Camp, Chill Village, Tent Hotel, etc.) possible to purchase later. If you want to be sure, it’s no problem to buy Camp, and then change it for the special one.

All campsites will be regularly cleaned and guarded with security.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Frequently asked questions:

Will there be Camp+?
No. After evaluating your feedback, there will be only one camp but will all the benefits with the former Camp+, of course with increased shower and toilet capacity.

What are the other options for accommodation?
Park Camp, Chill Village, Tent Hotel – we are going to provide you with info about accommodations asap. Are you indecisive? You can buy Camp for now and exchange it later for another version. We will inform you about the camp exchange process once the presale starts.

The furthest point from the camp to the area is only 500 meters. It saves you energy to dance and move between the stages.

We will also reveal it soon as we are finalizing everything now. We are considering your comments and suggestions – thanks for it!