12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360


09. 05. 2024

We pride ourselves on a clean and safe environment. Thanks to efficient waste management, the festival grounds are always meticulously cleaned. However, we go further and look for more environmentally and human-friendly alternatives in care and maintenance. Thanks to the long-term partnership of Park 360 (the venue where RfP takes place) with TIERRA VERDE, Rock for People will also be cleaned without unnecessary chemicals.

Organic cleaning supplies help us wash, launder, clean, polish, disinfect, and also take care of you at many locations on campus. We use it for toilets and shower cleaning, washing glamp sheets, hand soaps or shower gels in the washrooms. Because we need cleaning products all year round, TIERRA VERDE has pre-stocked us with large returnable packs and canisters. Cleaning teams repeatedly refill the smaller containers with the product they need. This helps us reduce the number of packaging materials used and the number of kilometers driven.

TIERRA VERDE develops and manufactures innovative drugstore products. They put their energy into products that are better for health and nature. They strive for products that are both effective and gentle. They minimize single-use packaging. And they create a respectful work environment. They strive to contribute to this daily, with every product leaving their production facility in Popůvky u Brna.