12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360


04. 11. 2021

Yesterday we presented the big plans for Festivalpark, where we are building a new multifunctional area PARK 360. After years of operating in the area, we have managed to consolidate the lease agreements with all the owners, and thanks to this create the right conditions for larger and longer-term investments.

“In Hradec Králové we are cultivating a space whose ambition is to become one of the most important European multifunctional complexes. In terms of size, range of possibilities, and flexibility for sub-events or partners,” says Michal Thomes. As the name Park 360 suggests, we are gradually creating a flexible and sustainable space on the 40 hectares of the site. It will be a combination of not only cultural or sporting events but also corporate events together with tourism, innovation, with an emphasis on renewable energies, in a year-round operation. You can look forward to visible changes and a wide range of activities in the area as early as spring 2022.

The multifunctional festival facilities with a capacity of 35 thousand visitors will offer space for several events held simultaneously. There will be an amusement park with an educational character for families with children, adventurous accommodation for tourists on the Elbe cycle path or digital nomads with caravans, or a permanent restaurant in one of the eight hangars. “Cultural events will remain the backbone of Park 360. But their spectrum will open up. From smaller one-day events, or a few thousand people to medium and larger festivals with a capacity of around 40,000 people. The new venue facilities allow promoters to share equipment and therefore cost.” adds Michal Thomes. The aforementioned European importance of Park 360 has the interest from established European festivals and shows dedicated to innovation, architecture, and lighting design.
And having a wedding in the Rock for People area? You want it!