15-18/6/22 Hradec Králové


08. 08. 2021

Like our friends in Beats For Love and Let It Roll, we will be CASHLESS this year.  We work with NFCtron on a verified system so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. We will go through the entire process of recharging and returning unused money with you, and in case of any problems, we and the NFCtron team will be there for you. You can contact our online support here. It’s a big jump forward for us and we hope you’ll jump with us!


– You can top up your money completely free of charge in advance

– if you top up on the spot, the first top up costs CZK 20, all the others are also completely free. We recommend recharging in advance – not only will you save a bit of money, but you will also avoid possible queues

– refunds will be made to the last CZK completely free of charge to any account held in Europe within 14 days from the end of the festival according to the procedure at the link.






  1. Fill in your GoOut ticket number on the link above, your name will pre-fill in and you can top up straight away.
  2. You will show the QR code of your ticket at the festival entrance and our facility will charge you the credit.
  3. You will receive a bracelet with a paying chip opposite the ticket.
  4. That’s all, you can already enjoy the festival to the fullest.
  5. After the event, you will return the credit directly to your bank account using the refund link above.