15-18/6/22 Hradec Králové

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Terms of journalist accreditation for Rock for People festival

Online Media

Must publish at least 75 % of the press releases issued regarding the Festival (continuously, not as a one-off just before the festival) and issue at least one author’s article and interview about the festival.

Print media

Must publish at least three articles or interviews for the festival.


Program supporting the festival, giving information about the festival or an interview with the organizers.


Accreditations for RFP 2022 will be available during January. Completing and sending the accreditation form does not mean that you will automatically be granted accreditation or a photopass – it is fully at the discretion of the organisers whether to grant accreditation or not. (eg. Due to failure to meet the above conditions or because of the low range of media coverage). Accreditation applications are open by the end of May.

For information about accreditation please contact:

Anna Vasatkova
Email: [email protected]
Tel: + 420 774 541 542