8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

The Prague-based band Evelynne is returning to the scene after a six-year break. Evelynne caught our attention in 2012 with their debut Anonymity, and over the next two years they performed at major Czech festivals, played solo and support concerts home and abroad and also released a second album Identity under the production lead of Boris Carloff. In November 2014, the group of five said goodbye to their fans and the individual members left for Australia, Canada and England to gain experience.

However, after several years, they met up in the rehearsing room again. “Over that time, each one of us had come a long way both on a personal and musical level. We had missed performing very much. Two years ago, we met full of ideas and desire to create new things,” bass guitarist Milan says.

Since then Evelynne has taken a new direction, as now it puts emphasis on guitars spiced with seventies and eighties synth pop and indie rock. Currently, the band has produced ten new tracks, they’ve invited the producer Lukáš Chromek (Airfare, Ewa Farna) to collaborate and they’ll release three singles with videoclips already this year. The first feat called Purple Haze confirms that there’s something to look forward to.

“We believe that the fans will grow fond of our new sound. We’ve always been evolving style-wise, that’s how it’s probably supposed to be. This time, we’ve dropped the screams, became a bit calmer and put on an eighties vibe which we’re really into at this moment,” frontman Roman adds.

The change in genre brought along a change in the membership of the band as well. Evelynne now consists of only four members: singer and guitarist Roman Doležal, guitarist Martin Mol, bass guitarist Milan Paul and new drummer Honza Friml. Their current release is the single Purple Haze.