13-15/6/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

In October 2019 Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler (ex Eskimo Callboy) picked up a guitar and wrote a song. Sounds unspectacular, but this was the beginning of a new, adventurous musical chapter in his career. With this first song, the story of GHØSTKID began. Now, about ten months later, “START A FIGHT”, the first GHØSTKID single appears and it is clear, that Sushi just had to start GHØSTKID and release this new music.

“From the start, I just followed my heart”, says Sushi. “It just felt right.” He spent a lot of time listening to Marilyn Manson, Fever 333 and Bring Me The Horizon. Loaded up with this inspiration, Sushi developed a pioneering rock sound in the broadest sense: Darkness, aggressiveness and snottiness with pop affinity as well as influences from New Metal, Trap, Industrial and Rock. For months, he worked alone at home. He later went into pre-production with producer Sky van Hoff (Rammstein, Emigrate…), who produced the whole album, which will be released in November 2020.

“I always kept control in all phases and administered everything,” says Sushi about his solo project GHØSTKID. “I learned a lot about myself during this production. When you do things on your own, you tend to think about everything forever. This is where music can hurt.”

“START A FIGHT” just the beginning of a trip into the audio-visual realm of GHØSTKID who will have a few surprises up his sleeve. Expect the unexpected!