12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Shop Rock for People Merchandise In The Game!

Within the virtual festival you can find 80 % sale for all of our previous Rock for People merchandise collection. Find eight boxes at the festival area, and collect from each one letter that puts together a final sale code. You can reach the letter by jumping or stepping on the box. After putting the code together, visit the merch stands and see our products. To apply the sale go to http://store.rockforpeople.cz/ and add the code in the “Sale” field.

The sale is not applied on the limited edition merch and is valid from 31.1. until 1.2.2021.

Limited Rock for People In the Game Merchandise

For this special occasion you can buy a limited RfP In the Game merchandise. See Rock for People In the Game Merch stands or go to the http://store.rockforpeople.cz/.

All products from the limited edition will be printed after finishing the order, thus the products will be delivered 30 days from its printing.