13-14/8/21 Hradec Králové
Your 2020 tickets are remaining valid for the 2021 edition. For one-day tickets, the possibility of a refund applies until September, after the announcement of most of the bands, divided into days. Possible questions and requirements regarding tickets email to [email protected]. We are sold out! If you need a ticket, please try our official Ticket bazaar.

General tickets


1 490 Kč

Festival ticket for 2 days.
Visitors must have a written confirmation about meeting one of the three conditions to visit the festival: a) 2 weeks after the full doses of vaccination or b) Within 180 days of suffering from COVID-19 or c) Negative antigen test not older than 72 hours or negative PCR test not older than 7 days


3 490 Kč

VIP bar, fast track entrance, VIP parking, nonstop access to festival area
VIP bar (you can meet artists, staff or festival partners there), fast track entrance, VIP parking, admission to VIP zones, nonstop access to festival area. Excluding camp.

Only camps Expand

Chill Village RfP Hope

5 000 Kč

Comfy and luxury equiped tent for up to 5 people.
Cozy and luxuriously equipped tent for up to 5 people. Equipment for 1-3 persons occupancy: mattress, bed sheet, pillow for each. In addition, LED lighting, table and seat bags. For 4-5 people occupancy mattress, bed sheet, pillow, LED lighting and table for each. Does not include a blanket. Refundable deposit of CZK 50 for garbage bag per person is handled on site according to the number of persons.

Park Camp RfP Hope

2 500 Kč

Area size 4x10m to park your car or caravan.
Park Camp uses the facilities of a classic camp, but you can also park your car here and you will have your own space of 4x10 m. The maximum number of people is set to 5. Refundable deposit of 50 CZK for the garbage bag is handled on site according to the number of persons.

RfP Hope Camp

(rent of space for camping for one person)

350 Kč

Refundable deposit 2 EUR per litter bag is included.
The rental of space in a premium festival tent town for building your own tent. Equipment: mobile toilets, flush toilets, showers, reception , energy points with chargers, lockers and safes (with or without socket), sitting point under the roof + chill zone.

El. Přípojka k Park Campu RfP Hope

500 Kč

You need own power cable.
Electrical connection for your caravan or other vehicle within the Park Camp. You need your own power cord.

Parking Expand

Parking RfP Hope

350 Kč

Tickets are available online and at parking terminal.

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