8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

We have been making the festival accessible to the widest possible range of visitors for a long time. This way we can all enjoy the music experience and festival atmosphere together.

This year at Rock for People we are also thinking about accessibility. For example, there will be a relaxation zone for disabled people and their companions. There will be facilities for rest and refreshment, a meeting area or a place to recharge an electric wheelchair. This zone will include wheelchair accessible toilets and showers. The wheelchair accessible relaxation zone will be manned and can be found marked on the map.

Raised platforms will be placed at the two main open-air stages (KB stage and YTM stage) for a better view of the stage. There will be lockable accessible toilets scattered around the venue using a numerical code. One will also be part of the designated camping area.

Handicapped parking is available in the VIP area – please follow the directions for VIP parking when entering the venue.

In the non-profit zone, you can support the work of the Hvězdný bazar, a training facility for wheelchair users, and the charity second hand shop run by CZEPA (Czech Paraplegic Association). Just buy a t-shirt designed by Czech tattoo artists or get a trendy second hand piece from them. This way you will support CZEPA and give the clothes a second chance. And watch out! This year, you can also buy limited edition Rock for People T-shirts at this booth!

The realization of the barrier-free Rock for People project was supported by the Simona Kijonková Foundation. Thank you!

For more information for disabled and disabled P/P holders click here.