12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

We are greening Park 360! Thanks to a partnership with PlayStation, a 1 hectare park has been created on the site. It is called PlayStation Park Horizon and is adorned with over 60 pre-grown trees and an equal number of shrubs. You will find maples, beeches, cranes, birches, plane trees, sink trees and many other species. Together they help create a microclimate on the site, retain moisture, prevent soil and wind erosion, and provide shade and shelter for birds and insects.

Insects are welcome here! You can see small wooden houses on the grounds with lots of hiding places of cavities and quirky nooks and crannies. These are our hotels for insects. Don’t worry, we’re not crazy. Insects aren’t just pesky mosquitoes or flies. But also solitary bees, bumblebees, seven-lined sunfish, beneficial beetles and other critters that nature and we can’t do without. 

In recent years, members of the insect kingdom have slowly but surely become homeless. The habitats where they could live and breed are rapidly disappearing from the landscape. Here and there we spray them with a pesticide, elsewhere we turn the varied landscape into a swathe of monocultures. As a result, insects are declining at a frightening rate, with scientists saying that ¾ of insects have disappeared in the last 30 years. We welcome beneficial insects and provide them with free accommodation. We know we will get a rich return.  

You can help too! We will be backing up PET bottles and aluminium cans at Rock for People this year, and compostable dishes in the Green Food Zone. If you choose to sort your packaging but don’t pick up your deposit, we will use the funds to continue planting and promoting biodiversity on the grounds. See the Deposits section for details.