12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Rock for People is not only a music festival, but also a showroom for technology and innovation. Our long-term goal is to move away from fossil energy sources to renewable and alternative ones. That’s why we are testing their involvement in the running of the festival and this year they will also power selected stages.

In 2021, RfP saw a world premiere – we were the very first festival to have a stage powered by hydrogen! The H2BASE hydrogen generator made sure of that, and it will be in operation again this year.

How does H2BASE actually work? Thanks to the fuel cell, hydrogen is converted into water by combining with oxygen to produce large amounts of electrical and thermal energy. The only waste from this reaction is distilled water. The Czech engineers at DEVINN are behind the development of this clean technology. The hydrogen generator will once again power the Conference Stage in the Komerční banka zone called KB Future Fest.

And what about the origin of hydrogen? It will be green! Which means that such hydrogen has been produced by electrolysis using energy from renewable energy sources. It is supplied by Air Products, which guarantees that it has been produced with more than 90% wind power. But this is not the end of the innovative energy solution!

Remember the GEM Tower? It was a unique tower that in 2022 was powered by the sun and wind. We’re going solar again this year. A Solar Stage will be built in the Komerční banka zone. As the name suggests, the stage will be powered by solar panels.
Want to learn more about renewable energy? Find out what community energy is? What does decarbonisation mean? Head to the nonprofit zone at the Clock Brewery hangar to join the DUHA Movement.

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