12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

In 2021, Rock for People was a world premiere – we were the very first festival to have a hydrogen-powered stage! The H2BASE hydrogen generator made it happen, and it will be in operation again this year. But this is not the end of innovative energy solutions

How does H2BASE actually work? Thanks to a fuel cell, it converts hydrogen into water when it combines with oxygen to produce large amounts of electrical and thermal energy. The only waste from this reaction is distilled water. The Czech engineers at DEVINN are behind the development of this clean technology. We will be using green hydrogen for operation, which means it has been produced by electrolysis using renewable energy. The hydrogen will again power the Conference Stage. This year, for the first time, we will welcome H2BOT, a mobile semi-autonomous electric car charger. It will charge a fleet of Toyota cars that will be driven by bands and VIPs.

And what about the origins of hydrogen? It will be green! Which means that such hydrogen has been produced by electrolysis using renewable energy. It’s supplied by Air Products, which guarantees that it was made with more than 90% wind power.

Remember the GEM Tower? It was a unique tower that in 2022 was powered by the sun and wind. We’re going solar again this year. A Solar Stage will be built in the zone of Komerční banka’s general partner. As the name suggests, the stage will be completely powered by solar panels that will cover a total area of 100 m2. It will be the first island music stage in the Czech Republic, powered by a photovoltaic power plant with an output of 12.8 kWp. And thanks to our new partner, EcoFlow, it will be present at the festival on five levels and several pilot projects. In the KB zone there will be two container bars powered by EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable battery stations. There will be 15 kiosks where you can recharge your phones and other technology over a drink. At the entrance to the campground, you’ll find an EcoFlow rental station where you can rent battery stations to recharge all your electronics.

Solar energy will also be used by one of the non-profit organizations. The DUHA Movement will generate electricity to run the stand using its own solar panel.

What else we are doing: