8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

We build on renewable materials. We are looking for (and finding) ways to incorporate recycled waste into the Komerční banka zone. And, of course, renewable energy sources.

We’re showing what blue-green infrastructure can mean in cities and towns, or what clean and responsible mobility will look like.

We zoom in on how important design and architecture is in shaping how we feel. Not to mention greenery or shading, which we really didn’t skimp on in the KB FutureFest 2030 zone.

The whole zone is actually a smaller version of the city of the future. The whole thing is powered by clean energy: solar panels from EcoFlow filled its batteries a week before the festival, and the DEVINN hydrogen generator is already a proven energy pillar of the festival.

Thanks to Komerční banka and VISA in the 2030 Festival City, you will recharge yourself, your mobile device and your chip-enabled wristbands, be refreshed and inspired by discussion topics, and enchanted by unconventional musical performances. Come and join us, we have enough energy for everyone!

By shopping at the Cafe and Bar you are contributing and a good deed!

Thank you for joining us in helping those who find life more than they can bear and are unable to enjoy this great festival, even though they would like to. With every drink you buy, you contribute 5 Kč and with every coffee you buy 10 Kč to help single parents in difficult life situations. You can find out more about the Komerční banka Foundation’s project Jistota on this page.

And that’s not all. From the comfort of the built-in chill-out seating/lying area, you can enter competitions for Rock for People 2024 tickets, airpods and many other prizes, sharing photos via Instagram to watch on the ice screen of the festival’s main KB stage. For more information about the competition rules, please visit the zone, we look forward to seeing you there!

FutureCity and the entire KB FUTURE FEST 2030 is brought to you by Komerční banka a Visa. Learn more about the entire zone here: https://rockforpeople.cz/cs/kb-futurefest-2030/