8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Festivals are all about sausages, langos and beer, right? Oh no… Anyone who goes to Rock for People knows that the food and drink offerings are the equivalent of the hipster aisle of your average European metropolis.

But what you’ll experience in the KB FutureFest 2030 zone foreshadows trends for years to come. In quality, in ingredients, in story. And, in fact, the arrangements.

You’ll find sprinkled Zemanka circular biscuits at the MIWA snack station, artistically recycled LandCraft spirits, designer vegetable burgers from Soyka, rich protein bombs from Mr. Hrášek of the EMCO family, renowned artisanal ice cream from Puro Gelato, artful vegetable sushi from Foxy Rolls, a tastefully refined menu from the Palo Verde stars, or cricket protein from Sens, which is also favored by climber Adam Ondra. And many more – from hearty classics to filigree pieces.

Because we believe that one path to responsibility and health is through the stomach, we’ve joined forces with ProVeg. It has become this year’s festival partner for a more diverse plant-based offering.

And a tip for the end: on Sunday 11 June at 16.00 on the Conference Stage you will see what the world has never seen before! Roman Lauš from the progressive start-up MEWERY will present live the first prototype of cultivated pork burger in the world grown in a laboratory!

FutureFood and the entire KB FUTURE FEST 2030 is brought to you by Komerční banka a Visa. Learn more about the entire zone here: https://rockforpeople.cz/cs/kb-futurefest-2030/