8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Did you know that the Commercial Bank has set a commitment to reducing its own carbon footprint, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2026, and Rock for People is working to be fossil fuel independent by 2030? Every year the festival gets closer to that commitment. This year a notable step, with new festival partners and installations supported by Commercial Bank and Visa. Want to know what it takes to stand next to the Solar Stage? Or how we charge the electric TOYOTS next to the Conference Stage? Read on…

We believe in hydrogen! For the third year in a row. And we are still improving with the visionaries from the purely Czech engineering and development company DEVINN.

So in 2023, we’re going for 30 kW of power thanks to the H2BASE hydrogen generator. We generate electricity from green hydrogen. Which is one that is not generated from fossil fuels, but by clean electrolysis using renewable energy sources. Unique! It powers the Conference Stage and other elements of our KB FutureFest 2030 zone. The fleet of clean mobility partner TOYOTA. And, in fact, us.

If you find a moment, drop by the DEVINN technicians. They’ll describe with passion and enthusiasm (and even in several languages) the whole of this amazing device, which may be a common feature in public buildings, apartment buildings and houses in 2030. All you need is photovoltaic panels, an energy storage tank, a few other components and you have an off-grid (island) energy solution at home!

Are you already standing in front of the DEVINN point? And you can see that you can’t hear anything! Oh, and if you’re thirsty, feel free to take a sip of pure H2O from the H2BASE!

The EcoFlow brand is present at the festival on five levels and several pilot projects (air conditioning for VIP tents, backstage air conditioning, solar charging for ECO CARS commercial vehicles, etc.). Everything that the festival uses, you can have too – at home, at work, in the motorhome and anywhere else. KB Advisory‘s experienced team can advise you on ESG issues, energy, renewables, subsidies and tenders. They can advise on how to get up to 65% of the cost of green projects, get better interest rates for sustainable projects, conduct a sustainability study or measure your carbon footprint.

KB Solar Stage
The first island music stage in the country, powered by a 12.8 kWp photovoltaic power plant.

Two EcoFlow Power Kits with a total output of 7.2 kW power the music equipment and lights. The energy from the photovoltaic power plant is used to power the music stage during the day and is also stored in LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity of 30 kWh.

The maximum power consumption of the entire stage is calculated at approx. 3,618 kW (2x D.A.S. Avant 118a subwoofer + 4x D.A.S. Convert 12a speaker + 8x Martin Rush Par1 RGBW light + 1x ThinkPad). From sunset onwards, the music stage will be able to play non-stop on maximum battery power for 7.5 hours – that is, until about 02:30.

The container bar and café in the KB FutureFest 2030 zone will be powered by portable EcoFlow DELTA Pro battery stations. Each bar will be equipped with a pair of stations with a total capacity of 7.2 kW and the capacity of each bar with extra LiFePO4 batteries will be 10.8 kWh. Each bar will be powered by a smaller photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 2.4 kWp. The bars will be powered by EcoFlow DELTA Pro to power lights, refrigerators, taps, coffee machines and other bar equipment.

At the entrance to the campground, you will find an EcoFlow rental station where you can rent battery stations to recharge all of your electronics. Rentals will be free, but against a rental agreement (ID, signature).

Ten VIP tents are equipped with the first travel fridge (38L fridge capacity) with a battery-powered ice maker – the EcoFlow Glacier. The tents are also equipped with portable battery stations EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max.

The KB FutureFest 2030 zone features 15 kiosks where you can charge your phones and other technology over a drink. USB-C and Lightning cables will be brought out to the counter. The charging kiosks are designed as bar stations. The base of the kiosk houses EcoFlow DELTA Max battery stations, and will be recharged from EcoFlow’s foldable bi-faceted 220Wp solar panels, which also act as a sunshade on the kiosk.

Bottom line:

To find out more, contact the EcoFlow team on site or visit www.stablecam.com

But that’s not all in FuturePower 2030! Towards the wall you can visit the armoured tent of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU in Prague (UCEEB). “Healthy buildings, smart cities” is the motto of the exhibition. The patents and solutions developed in this centre in Bushehr are already part of many buildings. And they are increasingly penetrating cities.

More at www.uceeb.cz.

FuturePower and the entire KB FUTURE FEST 2030 is brought to you by Komerční banka a Visa. Learn more about the entire zone here: https://rockforpeople.cz/cs/kb-futurefest-2030/