12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Love goes through the stomach. Even the one for our planet, nature, people. Every year we carefully select the bistros, stalls, cafés and mobile kitchens that will present their offer at Rock for People. In addition to variety, quality of ingredients and great service, other key parameters such as reducing the carbon footprint or organic quality are increasingly entering the selection process. At the same time, sustainability and the gradual transition to a zero-waste model. It won’t happen right away, but we have a goal, plans and in this case we can even hint at it!

Be part of our gastro (r)evolution – with your orders, feedback or waste sorting.

Info if you don’t have time to read:
We are expanding our meat-free and plant-based menu (the more varied plant-based menu is supported by ProVeg). We are increasing the proportion of local suppliers from the region. We prefer Czech ingredients to imported ones. You can get beer, limo, soda, hot drinks and mixed drinks in Nicknack cups. Food in compostable dishes. We distinguish 18 types of waste within the premises, gastro operation, camping, backstage and facilities.

If you want to know the details:

1/ We are expanding our meat-free and plant-based food offerings.
Meat production is a big consumer of water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Also deforestation or deforestation to grow feed crops for livestock. The climate footprint of plant production is lower (unless, of course, it flies halfway around the globe to us). For example, instead of growing soybeans to fill the stomachs of cows, they can be grown directly for humans, so no animal in-between. Therefore, to reduce our climate footprint, we will be expanding the range of meat-free and plant-based foods and beverages.
A summary table of selected ingredients with their carbon footprint can be found among the photos. You can also help us to reduce our footprint with your choice!
ProVeg has become a partner of the more varied plant-based offer. This year you will find, for example, plant-based burgers, Mexican or Asian cuisine, sushi, desserts and ice cream.
A variety of organic, meat-free and plant-based offerings can be found in the Komerční banka zone called Future Fest 2030.

2/ Increase the share of local suppliers from the region.
We have established cooperation with gastro operators from Hradec Králové and the surrounding area. We have also reached out to growers, farmers, fruit growers, breeders from the region to gradually minimize the transport of raw materials and food.

3/ We prefer Czech raw materials to imported ones.
We want to support Czech producers. So carrots rather than mangoes. We prefer Czech pigs to Argentinian bulls. Rapeseed oil rather than palm oil from plantations in Indonesia.

4/ You can get beer, limo, soda, hot drinks and mixed drinks in Nicknack back-up cups.
You’re already used to the returnable and backed cups in the Rock for People design. Not only can you get beer in them, but also limo, soda, hot drinks and now mixed drinks. You can learn more about the back-up system in the article on Back-up.

5/ Food in compostable dishes.
Disposable plastics are no more. They take time to break down. Often they can’t even be recycled. And they’re already banned. In the Czech Republic and the EU. That’s why you get goodies from barbecues and frying pans on compostable dishes. Please dispose of your dishes in the compostable dish/bio-waste bin after you have finished eating. Food scraps of animal origin (meat, dairy products, eggs) belong in the mixed waste. Vegetable residues can be disposed of with compostable dishes.

6/ We distinguish between 18 types of waste within the site, the catering operation, the campsite and the site facilities.
Sort, sort, sort. For several years now, you will find sorting nests in the festival grounds. We go further – not only in the grounds, but also in the backstage, backstage or camping areas. For more detailed info regarding waste management, please see the Waste section.