12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

What might festivals look like in a few years? What technologies will make them work? Will their design change? Will they offer different services? And what about the programme – will it still be primarily about music, or will other concepts come to the fore at festivals? Many questions that will be answered by KB Future Fest! Join us for a peek into the imaginary crystal ball – the jury of the European Festival Awards appreciated its appearance last year when they sent KB Future Fest to the final in The Best Brand Activation category!

The festival zone of Komerční banka (KB), the general partner of the festival and Mastercard partner, will offer not only a glimpse into the future, but also the opportunity to see, try, taste or touch many of the technologies, innovative design, environmentally friendly and responsible services.

Komerční banka Mastercard holders can compete for unforgettable festival experiences and get a bonus when they top up their festival bracelet.

For more information, competition rules and registration visit: www.kb.cz/rfp.


Two stages. Two curated programme lines. Under the circus tent you will find the Conference Stage, which offers attractive discussions, talks and shows during the day. In the evening, it will be transformed into a space for fresh Czech and international names that are currently topping the charts. But also a theatre, horror show, and on Friday and Saturday a space for DJ parties.

Just a few names to illustrate the progressive nature of the Conference Stage: Anna Vaverkova, Dmitrievna, Badfocus or Black Box Revelation. And in addition, panels and talks led by Čestmir Strakaty, Jindřich Šídl or Lukáš Hejlík.

On the Solar Stage we step out of genre boxes. There will be a fusion of klezmer with jazz, dulcimer, slam poetry, theatre and a clever band for “kids”!

Find the full programme here or in the festival mobile app.


Progressive startups, emerging technologies, functional and responsible design. Where to go for such attributes? To the creative incubator of the CzechInvest agency. This is part of the Komerční banka Future Fest zone – gallery towards/from Stage B. It presents three start-ups from the Technology Incubation project, offering opportunities and inspiration to develop their own ideas. See for yourself that there is no reason to be afraid to try new things and push your boundaries.

Circular fashion will be presented by NIL textile. Have you heard of mycelium? Myco uses this natural material of the future for its products. The Dolbite platform will introduce visitors to the world of entertainment programming.

You can also look forward to EWA, a mobile system for extracting water from the air in a desert environment. This is the third generation of the S.A.W.E.R. solution, an invention of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of CTU and a star of EXPO 2020 in Dubai. But UCEEB is bringing to the festival a presentation of a number of other innovations that you may soon see in your own home – for example, innovative fog cooling and sprinklers, an experiential game explaining community energy, an interactive presentation of fire safety principles in wooden buildings, concrete “legos” or a light case to help treat mental disorders.

The University of Hradec Králové prepared an intelligent hospital bed, demonstrations of field and experimental archaeology, the advantages of 3D modelling in the preservation of cultural heritage and a multilingual consultation centre. The Future Fest prepares a zone illustrating the functional connection between science, research, development and production with a number of overlaps into the festival environment.

Perhaps you would like to take away a practical skill or a souvenir. That’s what the upcycling workshops will be for. On Wednesday, make a handy festival diary from old prints in the Reformát workshop for photos, reviews or signatures from meet & greet sessions. On Thursday and Friday, you will make a mobile phone case or wallet from banners with Navzdory, and print a T-shirt the next day. On Saturday, the zone will be scented by LUSH and you’ll take home your own bath bomb.

We’re not done yet! The festival look will be conjured up in the Makeup Room Líčírna thanks to organic cosmetics and makeup. Attention, the interest is enormous! The Knihobot is giving books a second chance and looking for new shelves and bookcases, like the ones in your home. Come and read!

How about a refreshment with your book?

Do you think we’ve exhausted ourselves? Not yet! When it comes to technology, AI is not to be missed. It will be in charge of taking unforgettable futuristic photos for your album or festival diary! And if you happen to have an urgent job to do? There will be a quiet co-working lounge in the hangar exhaust with laptops to borrow and enhanced wi-fi.


The shared space of KB Future Fest and Mastercard is based on the principles of sustainability and responsibility. To people, nature and the planet. Functional design and unique genius loci create “old” materials in a new context. You will sit on discarded but still functional pallets. Buy a fairtrade coffee or drink in the café and bar located in former shipping containers. The zone will be decorated with garlands made from scraps of leftover fabric. In short, an efficient use of secondary material.

Both stages will be powered by technologies that are not standard at festivals. The energy for the Conference Stage will again be supplied by the H2BASE hydrogen generator from the stable of the DEVINN development company. The Solar Stage, as the name suggests, will draw its energy from solar panels supplied by EcoFlow. Both technologies will be on display right in the KB Future Fest zone.


Mobile phone charging stations will be available in the joint zone of Komerční banka and Mastercard. It will also be possible to recharge payment chips at NFCtron. As well as energy thanks to various seating and relaxation corners.

Also this year, there will be no shortage of non-profit organizations: namely ADRA, a humanitarian and development organization that helps people in need in the Czech Republic and abroad, and Dobrá rodina, a non-profit organization that supports foster parents and foster mothers, helps adoptive families and educates the public. And if you don’t want to lose money in your account, we recommend heading to the booth – their #nePINdej project can save your finances too.