12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Genius loci. Atmosphere. Cosy corners. Original decoration. Unusual realization. In short, the festival grounds are a work of art, a place to relax, take cool photos or meet up (when you’re not in the cauldron). We issued a challenge to ourselves – to work as much as possible with the materials we already have or someone else considered them as waste and threw them away. So waste art!

Traditionally, you will sit on benches made from discarded pallets. Pallets are our favourite material. These are pieces that no one else wanted or found no original use for due to damage. They still serve us in many ways. We’ve also used them for a wayfinding system or an exhibit of the festival’s history, and there have been a lot of those exhibit panels since 1995! In the zone of Komerční banka, the general partner of the festival, you will find over 400 of them this year! For more details, read the FutureFest 2030 article (will be soon).

Who are the globetrotters who finally landed in Hradec? The shipping containers that criss-crossed the world. At the festival, you will find a bar, a café, a campsite reception, a bicycle storage or even a mobile phone charging station. And we adapted one such second-hand container for wheelchair accessible showers and toilets. You can find out more about how we are breaking down barriers in the Barrier-Free RfP section.

The festival grounds are adorned with a gate made from leftover wood – when it grows back with greenery, it will be even more awesome! We also use wood offcuts and scraps for navigation, elsewhere as protection for waste bins or as design elements in the grounds.

Metal barrels are a perfect example of circularity. We filled them with compost from a nearby composting plant (thanks to Hradecké služby a.s.) and planted them with greenery.

In the past, a main gate inspired by the Equalizer was built from discarded water barrels. Thanks to the lighting effects, it now creates the background and atmosphere on the stags.

Festoons with colourful flags have become an unmissable decoration of the grounds fluttering in the wind. They are made from leftover fabrics from the production of swimwear.

We also use and reuse OSB boards, chipboard, planks, sheets and other leftover material. But the absolute best is the waste that is not generated at all. You can find out how we manage and prevent waste in the Waste section.