12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

We give space to those who have something to say. This year, we’re also continuing the tradition of nonprofit organizations at Rock for People. Some are dedicated to the environment, others to social issues, minorities or health prevention. What they all have in common is an active approach to the topic and doing important outreach. To activism. Let’s introduce them!

ADRA Czech Republic is a humanitarian and development organization that helps people in need in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is part of the international network of ADRA charities operating in more than 100 countries around the world. It provides immediate assistance (not only) in natural disasters and improves the living conditions of people living in poverty. Volunteer centres across the country connect people willing to help with those in need (seniors, people with disabilities and others). They are also dedicated to global development education. They have been there for others since 1992.
You can find their booth on Thursday and Friday in the Commercial Bank zone called Future Fest 2030. On Friday, they will participate in a panel discussion on the Solar Stage.

The AutoMat Association advocates for a better environment for quality of life in the city. It promotes public, pedestrian and cycling transport as well as sensible car use. It brings inspiration from European metropolises and activates people to positively transform streets and public spaces. It keeps an eye on politicians and politicians and the efficient use of public money. Together with citizens, it creates the city we want to live in. Do you know their projects?

LAB – Oversees Prague’s transport policy and lobbies for its long-term sustainability.
Zažít město jinak – Brings neighbors together and revitalizes the public space of cities.
Do práce na kole – Motivates employees to travel to work in a sustainable way.
Generation U – Educates new generations of children in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

You can find the booth on Thursday and Friday in the Commercial Bank zone called Future Fest 2030. On Thursday, they will participate in a panel discussion on the Solar Stage.

People in Need
As part of its support for education among children at risk of social, cultural and economic exclusion, People in Need provides tutoring and counselling to adolescents in the Czech Republic. Tutoring is provided in 7 regions of the Czech Republic, in other locations online, and is intended for primary school pupils. The aim is to improve the child’s knowledge and school performance, increase motivation and improve the quality of the relationship with school and education. An important service this time for adult clients in the Czech Republic is debt counselling. It is provided in 13 regions of the Czech Republic – in total in 75 municipalities. In 2022, they provided 75,000 consultations to 5,000 people.

In addition to analyzing the causes of indebtedness, promoting systemic change, they are also dedicated to prevention and cultivating the loan market. Twice a year they compile a unique tool for choosing a safe loan, which is available on the websites of the organization clovekvtisni.cz or jakprezitdluhy.cz.

You can find the booth on Saturday and Sunday in the Komerční banka zone called Future Fest 2030. On Friday, they will participate in a panel discussion on the Solar Stage.

When we get up in the morning, make breakfast, brush our teeth, take a shower, we need water for everything. But we rarely think about how drinking water is created, how it gets into our homes, and how it is returned to nature. The interactive exhibition H2Ospodar! describes the journey of water from nature to households and back. Come and discover where drinking water, which each of us uses approximately 100 litres a day, originates and where it ends. You will also take away concrete tips on how to manage water better.
You’ll find the booth in the nonprofit zone near the CT Art Stage.

DUHA Movement
The DUHA Movement is a leading Czech environmental organisation operating since 1989. It promotes a healthy environment for life, diverse nature and a smart economy. It can move politicians and authorities, negotiate with companies and help households. It strives for a free and democratic society that is socially sensitive, peaceful, capable of critical reflection and bears its share of global co-responsibility. It promotes environmentally friendly approaches in agriculture (for a vision and concrete proposals, see the This is how I eat website), energy (for practical information, see the Energy for People website), forestry and waste management. It also helps on the ground: for example, it regularly organises volunteer events such as Weeks for the Countryside and Wolf and Lynx Patrols, and helps to insulate buildings to reduce their energy consumption. A stand at the festival will transport you to a varied landscape where agriculture thrives, as well as soil organisms and insects. You will also be able to enhance your festival experience with the social and environmental magazine Seventh Generation.

You can find the booth in the non-profit zone near the CT Art Stage.

Star Bazaar
The Star Bazaar is a charity second hand shop that serves as a training ground for people with disabilities. In addition to second-hand clothing, it focuses on selling Czech local products and its own merch, which is made with an emphasis on sustainability and originality. It is operated by the Czech Paraplegic Association – CZEPA and thanks to the great support of customers and the wider community, it has successfully managed to operate two stores in Prague. The aim of the project is to help people with disabilities to regain lost self-confidence, practical experience and soft skills, in addition to contributing to improving the environment and promoting sustainability. The festival will feature the best second hand pieces currently in stock, as well as original designer t-shirts with custom prints.

TIP: Special limited edition RfP x Star Bazaar t-shirts can only be found at this stand.
The booth can be found in the non-profit zone by the CT Art Stage.

Music Saves UA
Music Saves UA is a fundraiser established by the Ukrainian Association of Music Events to provide immediate humanitarian aid to those who need it most in Ukraine right now.
You can find the booth in the non-profit zone near the CT Art Stage.

Foundation for Life
The Endowment Fund has been operating since the fall of 2020 to help single moms, moms in shelters, children from orphanages, and seniors. It doesn’t give people money, it gives people experiences. Because nobody’s gonna take that away from them. It contributes to shopping and housing as needed. In short, it creates space for a dignified and fulfilled life.

You’ll find the booth in the nonprofit zone by the CT Art Stage.

Animal Defenders
OBRAZ is dedicated to the protection of animals in the Czech Republic. It focuses not only on educating individuals, but also on advocating for legislative changes and other systemic reforms. It has successfully campaigned to ban fur farms or cage farming of laying hens. Last year, they launched another major campaign that focuses on the conditions of broiler chickens. There are 140 million of them in the Czech Republic alone. They are currently preparing a unique AI exhibition, A Picture for a Picture. The paintings were created with the help of AI in collaboration with celebrities such as Tamara Klusová, Tomáš Zástěra and many others. The theme of the paintings always sticks to the idea of animals, because even in today’s advanced society, animals experience injustice and suffering on a daily basis and are considered as means of production exploited for profit by commercial companies. You will see some of them at RfP.
You can find the booth in the nonprofit zone near the CT Art Stage.

Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic
Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic is a volunteer cleanup event that takes place throughout the Czech Republic. For the tenth year it has been organizing volunteer clean-ups of black dumps and litter from nature, towns and villages. At the festival you can learn how to organize such a clean-up event or how to participate in it. They will also be happy to introduce the waste app KAMsNIM.cz or the new project EKOkalendar to interested parties. Last but not least, visitors can take part in a competition to collect and sort waste on time. We have lots of interesting prizes for the most successful collectors/shredders!

You can find the booth on Saturday and Sunday in the Komerční banka zone called Future Fest 2030. On Sunday, take part in a panel discussion on the Solar Stage.