12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

At Rock for People, we have always been committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible. And we’ve done it – thanks to you! We are proud to have received several awards from the Clean Festival Project. But that’s not enough for us and we’re going much further!

And we’re doing it in an area that has always bred us – waste. Did you know that we were the first festival with our own unique sorting line? Sure, the best waste is that which is not generated at all (that’s why, for example, we minimise the installation of advertising banners in the grounds). But they are still generated. So, in cooperation with Hradecké služby a.s. (thank you!), we expanded the collection points and focused on sorting more types of waste.

For you, the visitors, the following distribution of bins is valid in the Rock for People area:

Other waste is consistently separated in campsites, backstage or operational facilities. We focus on glass, beverage cartons, metals, paper cartons and boxes, and wood. We also focus on textiles, hazardous waste or electrical waste.

We also involve food and drink vendors who additionally separate coffee grounds, gastro waste or edible oils and fats.

So we are all in this together!

To motivate you even more, we’ll add that the vast majority of the sorted and cleaned waste ends up in local businesses. For example, bio-waste in the neighbouring composting plant and gastro waste in the biogas plant in nearby Rybitví.

With an audience like yours, we find it easier to set high targets. So thank you for helping us continue to meet them!


Our guarantee for your responsible attitude doesn’t end with container collection. We follow the path of waste all the way to its final recovery. Do you want to know what happens to it next and who you have supported with your awareness?

PET bottles -> back up -> separate from the rest of the plastic -> hand over to Hradecky služeb a.s. -> production of recycled PET at the processor (e.g. fleece, fibres for sleeping bags, new bottles)

Plastic -> we hand over to Hradecky služby a.s. -> sorting according to types -> production of recycled products or building materials

Cans -> back up -> separate -> hand over to Hradecky Services a.s. -> a new can is created by recycling at the processor

Paper -> handed over to Hradecky Services a.s., where it is cleaned, pressed -> processed in paper mills

Bio-waste and compostable utensils -> we separate them -> we hand them over to the composting plant, which is also located on the premises of Hradec Králové Airport -> this produces high quality compost -> we use it on the premises for planting greenery

Gastro-waste -> we transfer to the biogas plant in Rybitví near Pardubice -> heat and electricity production

Glass -> we hand over to Hradecky Services a.s. for processing -> the recycling processor produces impurities in the new glass