8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

In the Počernice brewery you can taste not only the 12° Počernický lager, which is brewed according to the original recipe from the 19th century, but also many other types of beer according to seasonal events, holidays and other occasions.

Not only the quality of the ingredients used is essential for the production of beer, but especially the water used from our unique Počernice spring. The quality of the beer and the satisfaction of the regulars is supervised by the original 19th century statue of St. Barbara, who is the patron saint of the Počernice Brewery. For a larger company we are happy to prepare and brew a beer special according to the client’s requirements.

RfP Line Up:

Počernice IPA 15 limited edition

Počernická 12

Počernická BArborka13 dark lager

Apricot Radler