8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Beer “lineup”:

1) Festival lager 11° unfiltered
our best-selling beer, which we have specially bottled in unfiltered form for Rock for People – otherwise you will only find it filtered. A classic Czech beer as it should be, made only from Pilsner malt and Žatec hops, brewed in the traditional way into two rums.

2) Semi-dark lager
Amber colour, rich taste of caramel malts, lower bitterness and a slightly sweeter finish, this is our semi-dark lager.

3) 12° light lager
A “full-bodied” beer as it should be, full of flavour and balanced bitterness, that has spent 12 hours in the brewhouse and at least six weeks in the cellar.

4) ALE
Our light 11° top-fermented special, pleasantly fragrant thanks to American hops and full of fruity notes in aroma and taste.

5) IPA
15° India Pale Ale, a beer with intense aromas of tropical and citrus fruits, full of flavour and properly bitter as it should be.

6) Wheat
A typical beer known not only from Germany, with a strong taste of banana and cloves thanks to the predominance of wheat malt.

7) SOUR Ale
A “sour”, a modern specific type of beer combining the classic beer top fermentation and souring with lactic lactobacilli. The beer is complemented with various fruits, the most popular is the combination of mango puree and peach juice, which will certainly not be missed at the festival.

8) Nealko grapefruit
In our brewery we also brew our own non-alcoholic lager beer, which we supplement with grapefruit juice for better refreshment. However – we are a brewery, so the result is still mainly beer, no sweet lemonade 🙂