16-18/6/22 Hradec Králové

SENCOR and G-SHOCK have traditionally brought a common zone to Rock for People. From Thursday to Saturday you can look forward to a U-ramp exhibition. Mej Cejchan will present his murderous skills on skate. Petr Manďák will be on show at the in-line skates and Zdenda Pešek and Martin Bičák will be on the BMX. BMX rider Ondra Šléž will arrive as a guest. Besides the exhibitions, also skateboard workshops on the U-ramp are awaiting you.


THU, 4. 7. – 19:20, 22:00

FRI, 5. 7. – 14:20, 17:45, 19:40, 22:20

SAT, 6. 7. – 17:40, 19:40, 22:20