12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

If you want to take a rest from dancing between concerts, come and watch the tricks of renowned riders on the U-ramp in the SENCOR/G-SHOCK zone. Representatives from the skateboard, BMX and IN-line scene will perform the best of their repertoire.

One of the most outstanding personalities of the Czech scene Martin Mašek and Zdenda Pešek will show off his skills at BMX. The local native Marek Čejchan will represent the skaters, who has been skating for over 20 years across all disciplines. The pioneer of the Czech IN-line, Petr Manďák, will show how crazy it is to skate.

Exhibitions will take place three times a day, always between the times of the main concerts, so you will definitely not miss the music. If you feel up to it, you can try driving the u-ramp under the supervision of professionals. Safety comes first, so of course with a helmet.
At the stand you can try and buy G-SHOCK watches with an exclusive 20% discount. SENCOR powerful scooters, headphones and wireless speakers will be also available to try.

Workshops every day from 14:00-16:00


Wednesday 12. 6.
1st exhibition 15:20-15:40
2nd exhibition 17:50-18:10
3rd exhibition 21:00-21:20

1st exhibition 14:05-14:25
2nd exhibition 19:20-19:40
3rd exhibition 20:50-21:10

FRIDAY 14. 6.
1st exhibition 14:05-14:25
2nd exhibition 17:50-18:10
3rd exhibition 20:20-20:40

1st exhibition 14:05-14:25
2nd exhibition 16:35-16:55
3rd exhibition 20:25-20:45