12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

We take care of the Park 360 festival grounds. Therefore, we can plan and then implement long-term measures. When managing and maintaining the site, we try to find solutions that are friendly to nature and people. This applies, for example, to cleaning, laundry and cleaning products.

Thanks to our partnership with Tierra Verde, we clean without unnecessary chemicals. The eco-drugstore helps us wash, launder, clean, polish, disinfect and also care for you, the festival fans, in many areas of the venue. We use it from cleaning toilets and showers to washing glamp sheets to hand soaps or shower gels in the washrooms. Because we need cleaning products all year round, we are pre-stocked with large packs and jerry cans. This also saves packaging materials and mileage.

Water is an important resource, so we strive to prevent waste and capture it at the same time. Also this year, we will be using a system that returns water from showers back into circulation and uses it to flush toilets. We are also currently developing a project that would allow us to efficiently capture rainwater and then use it, for example, for flushing or watering.

Last year we replaced the original fixtures on the hangars and lamps at Park 360 with LED lighting. It is more energy efficient, allowing us to reduce overall energy consumption and generate savings. We also added switches to the lighting to control the lighting based on ambient light levels. You can find out how we approach energy here.

Our goal is to open the campus to everyone regardless of age, gender, religion or disability. Therefore, we strive to systematically and effectively break down barriers and make the festival accessible to people with disabilities. You can find more information about the Barrier-Free RfP project here.